PERFORMANCE FIT – Your Custom Club Fitting Solution

Accuracy on the Golf Course Starts With the Right Clubs and Extends to Your Swing

Many golfers are using the wrong clubs and it’s costing them strokes!

If you are playing with outdated equipment or have picked up a new set of golf clubs “off-the-rack”, you are not alone. Estimates are that 97% of the golfing public routinely plays with clubs that don’t properly fit.

Note: We accept trade-ins towards the purchase of new equipment.

Whether you are a high handicapper or are looking to get into single digits, getting clubs that are fit to your golf swing is the quickest way to lower your handicap right now. Our PERFORMANCE FIT System is the best in the business – we learn about your game first and then utilize advanced technology and exacting standards to make sure your clubs improve your game.


The PERFORMANCE FIT Process: Quantitative Golf Club and Swing Analysis + Ball Data = The Right Equipment

Our Certified Master Club Fitter begins the diagnostic process with a review of your current clubs and ability: how lie angle, loft, shaft flex and length affect the outcome of each shot. Using Flightscope, we instantly track and measure twenty-seven variables directly related to your ball, club, and golf swing from club speed and path to face angle and plane. Ball data includes measurements for speed, vertical and horizontal launch angle, spin rate and more.

When your PERFORMANCE FIT is complete, you will walk away with clubs (and golf balls) made specifically for your golf swing.

Book Your Custom Club Fitting Now and Receive a $50 Gift Card!

You Read That Right..Get a $50 Gift Card good towards the purchase of new custom equipment!

We have the hottest clubs, including Callaway, TaylorMade and Ping!

Our Performance Fit Custom Club Fittings Are Unique

CONGRATULATIONS! You have come to the right place for a custom club fitting!

Getting fit for your clubs, whether it be a driver or an entire set, is the crucial next step for anyone serious about golf improvement. We use the latest technology such as Flightscope with V1 Software, in our state-of-the-art facility, to show you ball flight, trajectory, and distance to fit you with the clubs that will best suit your game.

Unlike your average golf store, the Performance Center custom club fittings, although under cover of a bay, do not take place within a totally enclosed booth.

Golfers will hit balls within the booth to an outdoor driving range. Gone is that feeling of uncertainty from not “seeing” where your ball went – our fittings mimic a real-life scenario out on the course!

Our fitting center is, most certainly, a one-of-a-kind Myrtle Beach experience.


 SCHEDULE:  AN HOUR for Single Club Fittings (Irons or Woods) and TWO HOURS for a Set of Clubs.

 BRING:       Your Current Clubs, a Glove, and Your Golf Shoes.

 ABOUT:      Dale Ketola is a Callaway Certified Master Club Fitter, TaylorMade  Certified Tuning Expert, and Flightscope Academy Certified Professional.


30-minute putter or wedge fitting

Customer pays $50
$25 gift card to the customer


1-hour fitting (woods or irons)

Customer pays $100
$50 gift card to the customer


2 hour full bag fitting

Customer pays $150
$75 gift card to the customer

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