The Golf Performance Center Experience

Custom club-fitting? Instruction? Share Your Thoughts!

“I have been taking lessons from Dale Ketola off and on for almost a year. My handicap has gone from 21 to 14.

Dale is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and easy to work with. He didn’t try to reinvent anything, he just helped me get back on course and eliminate bad habits.  He has been extremely helpful getting my swing to where it belongs, and has also been of great help with my short game.

I consider Dale to be a true professional, and an excellent teacher.”  Rich Gilardi

“Just to let you know that I played grand Dunes the other day and the irons were great. I smoked an 8 iron 150 yards into a decent wind. Unfortunately, the pin was only 135(my average 8 iron distance with my previous club). Thanks for your help.”
Mark Kurdyla

“I took up golf in my mid-fifties and struggled for quite a few years until someone suggested taking a few lessons from Dale. After five lessons and some practice, my game improved dramatically allowing me to enjoy playing instead of dreading the first tee. Dales approach is custom, not a “one size only”, with a facility and equipment to boot. I look forward to many more lessons in the future.”  Ron Edmonds

“Lessons with Dale have really lowered my scores. Shooting in the 70’s consistently and you never feel like just an appointment. I’ve also been fitted for irons and driver with Dale and both experiences were great. His facility is also top notch.”   Eric White

“I have taken lessons and club fittings from Dale for over a year. I came to him a little over a year after shoulder surgery. Our first lesson was centered around getting to know my game, my swing, my physical abilities after the surgery and what I wanted to get out of the lesson(s) going forward.

He uses a simple, easy to understand approach to evaluate your swing and recommend changes. By using video he is able to show you both the positive and negative aspects of your golf swing. Then through simple drills, provides you with the tools to improve and play better golf. Lastly, the lessons do not always revolve about the physical part of the game but what your thoughts are on certain shots or situations on the course and suggestions on ways to change or improve in those situations.”  Alan Hood

Just wanted to show you with your incredible guidance I achieved a goal that I truly thought was unattainable. Thank you so much. See you next week.” Bob Martire

Thank you very much for the best fitting I have ever had! Now I understand all the Rave Reviews! Your knowledge on club fitting and the technology you use to analyze is outstanding!

I will let you know about the driver. Have a great day! …Thanks again, Julie

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