The Golf Performance Center is an elite facility designed with a two-fold purpose: to fit golfers with the best equipment suited to their game and to offer next-level instruction.

“Patience, Persistence and Perspiration Make an Unbeatable Combination for Success.”
... Napoleon Hill

The Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center

We teach you HOW to play the game of golf, HOW to practice, and HOW to perform at a higher level by taking away the HOW and replacing it with WOW!

Where are you right now in your game? Are you a beginner, have you outgrown your current set of golf clubs, are you a ten handicap looking to break into single digits?

The Golf Performance Center at Grande Dunes is an elite facility designed to help improve your game in several ways; through personalized club fittings and with qualified and technologically advanced instruction.

The facility has two hitting bays that are located on the driving range. One bay is for club fitting and is equipped with TaylorMade, Callaway, and US Kids fitting equipment. The fitting side uses Flightscope® 3D Doppler tracking radar technology similar to what you see on TV during live, professional tournaments, to track the golf ball in its entire flight. In 2016, the video analysis award was given to Flightscope® by Golf Digest Magazine.

Another bay is dedicated to golf instruction and game development. Since it’s impossible to get any better at golf if you don’t know where you are in relation to par, we start out by determining your skill level and what needs improvement in your game.

Our instructors utilize high-speed cameras to take video of your swing and v1 pro software for analysis. We also use Flightscope®, and some other nice toys in order to determine how to get you to the next level of proficiency.

It’s important to measure all aspects of your game, from club speed to launch angle. Statistical analysis will help you determine what needs practice and what you need to accomplish to achieve your goals.

With the use of this technology, as well as the knowledge base of our instructors, we can learn more about you to see where your strengths and weaknesses are and create a game plan to satisfy all level of golfer.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We Focus on the HOW to Guide and Develop Your Skills to Reach Your Specific Goals.

In order to play to your potential or better than your current best, you need to improve your skills (change them). While you are in the process of changing them you will be required to think a lot about HOW. After enough repetition, you won’t have to think so much about HOW, but only about WHAT you are attempting to do. It is only then, that you will play the best golf you have ever played.

Learning Curve: Most people can only get so far, in golf, without some professional assistance. Trying to improve at golf on your own by trying to read articles, watch videos, and self-diagnose can be a treacherous road. Those that choose to take lessons and decide not to do the work required to change the skill, end up in the same place as those who have not taken lessons.

The most difficult part of the learning curve in golf is the uphill battle that requires practice, guidance from your instructor, and a belief and trust in yourself that you are going to reach your goal. Very few golfers reach their goal in golf because they are not willing to make a change, seek help, do the work, and believe in themselves. It is our job here at the Performance Center to guide you on your way to reaching whatever goal you would like to achieve in golf. The sky is the limit if you are dedicated to getting better.

We Can Measure:

  • How you think by using Focus Band
  • How your body works by using Boditrack
  • How you swing by using Video and V1 Pro analysis software
  • Ball flight by using Flightscope
  • Your statistics on the course by using the Birdie Fire App
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