Golf tips each week from Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center on weight transfer, proper swing sequence, putting and more - our video instruction is designed to help get you ready for the game ahead.

Each video is only about one minute or so in length so there is no reason to put off game improvement! Watch and learn here with Dale Ketola, Director of Instructor of The Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center.

Contact Us if you would like to see a specific golf tip listed here or if you want to make an appointment for a lesson or club fitting.

Need Help With Your Game?

Grande Dunes Performance Center Video Analysis

Golf Tips: Proper Weight Shift

Speed in a Greenside Bunker

Golf Tip~Chipping From Bermuda Rough

Golf Tips for a Short, Pre-Round Warm-up

Quick Golf Tips - The Low Chip Shot

Quick Golf Tip “Timing and Arm Speed”

How Club Face Angle at Impact Influences Ball Flight

3 Speed Putting

Hit Location with a Driver

4 Reasons to Have Properly Fitted Golf Clubs

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