Instruction Programs

The Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center offers instruction programs to fit the needs of its students.

Beginners and juniors are not taught the same way as single-digit handicappers, so lessons are created based on experience and goals.

Flexible class instruction programs for beginners walk golfers through the basics from etiquette, the rules, equipment, and the mechanics of a proper swing. Offering a pleasant, nurturing and rewarding experience at this early stage will help keep beginners in the game.

Looking to take your golf swing to the next level? Our golf instructors utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology including high-speed cameras, V1 swing analysis software, Flightscope® 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar, and FocusBand©, a mind sensing headset that measures subconscious thoughts before and during your golf shot. FocusBand© helps us to understand how you are feeling under pressure or how relaxed you were feeling at the point of impact.

“The goal is to have a preshot routine in which you have a detailed visualization of what you want to do and then step in and do it almost subconsciously, without any mechanical instructions,” said Dale Ketola, Director of Instruction and club fitting at Founders Golf Performance Center. “It’s pretty cool and really works. I don’t know of anyone else in the Carolinas who has one.”

The Golf Performance Center is one of the only facilities in Myrtle Beach where you can use this technology while learning outdoors on the driving range, seeing your shots as if you were on the golf course!

Select your lesson plan from the choices below. We can also create a personalized instruction strategy based on your individual needs.

Personalized golf instruction

Dale Ketola Golf Instruction Testimonial



“Since we met, while the first few weeks after were a little shaky, I’ve dropped down to a 6.7 index and recently won the member/guest at Philadelphia Cricket Club in a field of 120 teams. Thanks again for your help!!” – CY (Chris Young)

Golf Performance Center Features A Full Curriculum Of Instruction By PGA Professionals.
A Sample of Our Instruction Listed Below. Contact Us for More Options:

1 Hour Introductory Lesson

Frustrated with your game? Tired of listening to your buddies? Come out to the Golf Performance Center and get some real instruction!


Assess Your Game
Hit a Variety of Shots
Improvement Advice
Video Included

One Day Class

3 Hours in the Morning.


Covers Full Swing
Pitching and Chipping
Bunkers and Putting Lesson
Video Included

Mental Training

Become one with the dirt!

$120 per hour

Learn how not to overthink
Bring your range game to the course
Blackout and play your best!

Titleist TPI Assessment

This is a great way find out how your "car is running"


Physical Screen
Swing Video
Personalized Exercise Program
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