Our Technology

Instructors at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center give in-depth lessons and custom club fitting utilizing the latest technology available today.

V1 SOFTWAREV1 Software

V1 swing analysis software is a MUST for all students who want to see their swing in motion and compare swings before and after their lessons. Our instructors will capture your swing, analyze it and will suggest proper methods for improvement. We will then record your swing after the lesson, utilize a side-by-side comparison, analyze, then post the video to the website where you can log in and view it anytime.

Have a glitch in your swing? Send us your video for a remote lesson!


FlightscopeFlightscope is a 3D doppler tracking golf radar which accurately, and instantly, tracks and measures twenty-seven variables directly related to your ball, club, and golf swing. Quantitative ball data includes measurements for speed, vertical and horizontal launch angle, spin rate and more. Club data includes club speed, acceleration, face angle, club path and plane.

In conjunction with V1 Software, instructors can show students how to improve power, distance, and how to correct swing flaws. Flightscope provides instantaneous feedback about the club and swing action as well as the outcome of the action.             Students have reported the experience of a more rapid learning curve using FlightScope feedback.


BODITRAK is a ground reaction force sensing mat system which offers real-time data on how a golfer interacts with the ground.  Golf Performance Center utilizes this system to improve all types of ground mechanics; balance, tempo, slide, force and pressure before, during and after your swing.


Focus Band HeadsetFocus Band is a headband that measures analog brain frequencies and converts them into digital signals. It can tell Golf Performance Center instructors when you are anxious, worrying over a shot, fearful, frustrated or “in the zone”.

Why is this so important to your game?

Golf is a mental game and, when you have doubts, fears or are troubled over your ball, it will impact the way you grip, swing and, ultimately, play the game. We can then discuss your worries and eliminate them. Both PGA Tour and LPGA Tour members have been successfully utilizing Focus Band since 2012.


The Perfect PutterThe Perfect Putter is a training aid which will help you to read greens, estimate speed and start making more putts.

Perfect your line and speed and the ball will drop in the hole more often, helping you to lower your score.

Using the Perfect Putter in practice will also help improve your visualization, alignment and give you better feel on breaking putts. Professional golfers and coaches alike are singing the praises of this technology geared to a more accurate read.

Try Flightscope, Focus Band and BODITRAK at Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center.

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