A Solid Fitness Regimen Combined With Mental Strength Will Get You To The Next Level of Your Development.

How does your body execute the golf swing? Do you find yourself moving in sequence, with an easy rhythm and comfortable finish or, do you find your body struggling to complete the motion?

From the mechanics of the golf swing to stretching and even proper food intake, fitness, in all its forms, plays an enormous role in golf.

The golf swing, when broken down into the basics, is all about how each section correlates to the next so that the sequence of events is performed to maximum efficiency.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center promotes The Body-Swing Connection™, the core philosophy of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), which focuses on how the body influences the golf swing. Instructors determine swing power and efficiency using V1 software to record the golfers’ kinematic sequence. We can then pinpoint weaknesses in balance, instability, and rotation, offering drills to correct basic swing flaws.

TPI Titleist


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