Year: 2019

Biomechanics and 3D Motion Capture Help Improve Efficiency in Golf Swing

Mark Bull, Ph.D., an expert in Sports Rehabilitation Science, biomechanics, 3D motion capture & movement science, recently stopped by Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center to show players how to improve efficiency in their golf swing.

Golfers learned the influence the body has in the golf swing using sensors, wires, and biofeedback.

“Real-time position and orientation of various parts of the body (head, shoulders, arms, hips, hands, club, etc.) are recorded as the golfer swings the club – all in three dimensions,” describes the Bull 3D website.

With a video feed analysis, golfers have seen a skeletal image of themselves swinging a club!

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Balance, Rhythm Lessons Learned at Orange Whip Golf Clinic

An Orange Whip golf clinic held recently at Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center proved to golfers that good balance and rhythm results in cleaner contact with the golf ball…and more consistent ball striking!

Have you ever used a metronome while taking a golf swing? At first, you may be a bit off-tempo but, once you slow down and feel the rhythm, a natural “back-and-through” motion occurs, you start to feel more relaxed and your body naturally takes over to complete the process.

You could hear the “click” on many of the golfers’ clubs as the Orange Whip began to take effect – the students were happily stating that, in the short period of time using this golf training aid, the ball was going farther with less effort.

Could you imagine what will happen when these golfers take home an Orange Whip and use it as directed?

Jim Hackenberg, the inventor of the Orange Whip Trainer, showed a group of about thirty students how he designed several of his products to help synchronize the upper and lower body and achieve repetition in the golf swing. Along with Dale Ketola, Director of Instruction at the Performance Center, the two coached the group on setup, the putting stroke, the short game, and driver improvement using several different products in the Orange Whip lineup; the Putter, Wedge, the Orange Peel, and the original Orange Whip Driver Trainer.

This was another engaging golf clinic brought to you by Dale Ketola, a leader in South Carolina Golf Instruction, and the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center. Contact Dale Ketola to schedule a private lesson and check out the Events Calendar to sign up for an upcoming golf clinic.



Passport Golf Clinic Provides Instant Access to Instruction

A Passport golf clinic was recently conducted as appreciation for its current members. Presented by local Executive Director and Regional NGCOA Representative Tracy Conner, and conducted by Dale Ketola, Director of Instruction and Club Fitting at Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center, the Passport golf clinic was both informative and fun for the entire group.

Dale discussed pre-swing fundamentals with a full crowd of about 20 students; topics included where the clubface should be in the swing, proper grip, posture, balance, how golfers should learn a skill, make changes in a swing over time and how to practice with a purpose. There was a lot of information passed onto willing students!

Where the first part of the golf clinic focused on the basics, part two was dynamic, with students set-up at bays, hitting golf balls while Dale observed each and every golfer, helping them overcome their most obvious errors.Mucha gente se pregunta dónde comprar viagra online.

Everyone who attended learned something new about their golf swing and what is needed in order to improve their golf game.

After the golf clinic, the group met in the clubhouse for a question and answer session conducted by Dale as well as a cold drink.

Keep an eye out for our next golf clinic! Contact Dale Ketola directly for private lessons, group lessons and for club fitting assistance.

What Makes Good Golf Teaching Professionals Successful?

Dale Ketola Golf Teaching Professionals Seminar at Grande Dunes

At a recent seminar for teaching professionals, Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center‘s Director of Instruction and Club Fitting, Dale Ketola, discussed ways in which good golf teaching professionals can become more successful in his or her chosen field.

“You have to build a relationship with the student, ask questions, find out why he or she wants to improve and make a plan showing how it’s going to happen,” said Ketola. “And, have the golfer bring a notebook to write down lessons so he or she can refer to the lesson on the driving range or at home.

Make it easy for students to learn and want to continue their relationship with you,” advised Ketola.

Dale also offered business tips such as how a teaching professional can better understand a student’s learning curve, how to overcome barriers, when and how to use video during instruction,  and how to determine whether or not a student needs new clubs or a swing adjustment.

The most compelling part of the seminar examined common mistakes made by instructors when trying to start a business and how to look at a business in a completely different way.

Dale suggested that advertising methods should focus more on the “why” and not the “what”, drawing inspiration from Ted Talk speaker, Simon Sinek, about how great leaders inspire action.

Following the model of the “golden circle” and starting with “why” your business exists, then following with “how” your business fulfills its core belief and then finally discussing “what” your business does, can help teaching professionals to gain a following.

People don’t necessarily buy what you do – they buy your passion and will align themselves with your core values…powerful stuff!comprar viagra online farmacia

Dale will be holding another teaching seminar for professional instructors – future dates are being arranged. If you would like Dale to speak at your next business conference, contact him through this website.

SPECIAL EVENT: Mark Bull 3D Golf and Biometrics Instruction

Bull 3D golf instructionAre you looking for that competitive edge?

Are you wondering why you have lost distance?

Are you looking to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL?

Grande Dunes Golf Performance is pleased to host Mark Bull, PhD Sport, and an expert in Rehabilitation Science, biomechanics, 3D motion capture & movement science for two days only in March, to our center.

According to Mark, “has extensive knowledge on the relationship between skeletal movement and an effective golf swing, something he has used to help many of the best golfers on the planet.”

Mark Bull is an expert in golf 3D and Biomechanics. He has worked with over 100 PGA/European PGA Tour Professionals including the current #1 player in the world Justin Rose.

Bull 3D biomechanicsOn March 22 and 23, 2019, Mark Bull and Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center will be offering you an opportunity to:

• Get 1 on 1 time with Mark Bull
• Let him show you how to move/swing more efficiently.
• Learn how to work around injuries/limitations or improve motor patterns around them.

Mark will see 8 golfers over the 2 days he is here. 5 spots are already filled. 1st come/1st serve. Call today to register. Payment up front is required with a credit/debit card. $250/per golfer.

Limited spots are available for this exclusive event.

Please contact Dale Ketola to reserve your space or if you have questions: 843. 833.3332.

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